A thirty-year advertising producer and owner of DEBBIE KRILICH PRODUCTIONS; Debbie’s has worked on national print, video and commercials shoots across the USA. Prominent clients include: Athleta, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Citroen of France, Dodge, Ford Motor Company, GM, GMC Truck, Hilton Hotels, Honda, Jeep, Kashi, Kohler, Sports Illustrated, Tide and Yamaha Motorsports to name a few.


Known as “Organizer Of All Things” and “Master of All Details”.  Debbie has the magic of turning ideas into visually pleasing images. Her ability to assemble a creative and talented team, taking full responsibility for all aspects of production; including; budget management, day-to-day smooth operation, artistic aspirations, security needs, location scouting, permits, wardrobe & prop styling, casting, and set design.


As an Interior Designer, and owner of ON STAGE, Debbie uses all the tools of production to creatively and artfully meet each clients needs and bring out the best in every project. Debbie takes action the moment she walks into a room making professional, responsible, honest and resourceful choices. ON STAGE has the ability to enhance any space or occasion, turning chaos into order, making cluttered tired spaces feel warm, inviting and spaciou. She swiftly makes economical decisions allowing each area to feel appealing, while adding light, texture, and layers. Making constant artistic choices, to articulate freshness and emotion, she clears-out, re-arranges and renews, fashioning a chic, evolved, elevated, updated, transformed appeal.


A profound understanding of photography, lighting, space planning, deadlines, and budgets, Debbie takes creative freedoms within the boundaries of time and resource. On the team, voted Park City's #1 Designer in 2016, she has a multi-layered understanding of artistic choices while meeting the needs, of each individual project and client. A life long lover of art, photography, design and outdoor adventure, with the capacity to produce, organize, maneuver, present, update and creatively prepare any project or production to go ON STAGE!

Interior Design & Staging
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